Chlorine Analyzer / Transmitter / Controller AI-CL2-HP


Free and Total Chlorine Colorimetric Analyzer, for water applications and process with automatic calibration and self-explained menu in English. Use DPD method, following the Standard Methods procedures, with low reagents consuption, standy command, and analog output and configurable transmitter output.

Indicação Display gráfico
Alimentação elétrica 90 a 240 Vca - 4 fios (50/60 Hz)
Material do gabinete ABS V0
Grau de proteção IP-67
Dimensões 330 x 435 x 145 mm (LAP)
Peso total 7 kg
Другие chlorine
The chlorine analyzer seeks to provide practicality in an integrated and safe set and an enclosure manufactured in IP-67 modular ABS-V0, separating all electronics from the wet part, avoiding...
Organic chlorine analyzer for the range of 0.1 to 5 ppm without the use of reagents and with an internal flow chamber. Ideal for treated water applications.
Chlorine analyzer for low ranges with the flow chamber inside the IP-67 cabinet. This generates space savings and greater protection for the sensors. It has an amperometric methodology and does not...
TW-52I-HP represents an evolution of your predecessor, TW-52-HP. Using additive manufacture, the sample flow chamber was redesigned inside the IP-67 cabinet. This generates space economy and offers...
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