Chlorine Analyzer / Transmitter / Controller AI-CL2P-HP


Chlorine Potentiometric Online Analyzer

Indicação Display gráfico
Alimentação elétrica 90 a 240 Vca - 4 fios (50/60 Hz)
Material do gabinete ABS V0
Grau de proteção IP-67
Dimensões 330 x 435 x 145 mm (LAP)
Peso total 7 kg
Другие chlorine
The chlorine analyzer seeks to provide practicality in an integrated and safe set and an enclosure manufactured in IP-67 modular ABS-V0, separating all electronics from the wet part, avoiding...
Organic chlorine analyzer for the range of 0.1 to 5 ppm without the use of reagents and with an internal flow chamber. Ideal for treated water applications.
Chlorine analyzer for low ranges with the flow chamber inside the IP-67 cabinet. This generates space savings and greater protection for the sensors. It has an amperometric methodology and does not...
TW-52I-HP represents an evolution of your predecessor, TW-52-HP. Using additive manufacture, the sample flow chamber was redesigned inside the IP-67 cabinet. This generates space economy and offers...
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