24Vcc pH / ORP Analyzer / Transmitter / Controller TH-48


Ready for typical field situations, the TH-48 is constructed with a die-cast aluminum housing (SAE-323) and ABS plastic front panel, providing the strength needed for most operations in the field without requiring interventions (IP-67). It has 4 wires which allow great flexibility in powering and transmitting data in this instrument. Access more options and navigate through a simplified screen and three intuitive navigation buttons.

Indicação Display alfanumérico de 2 linhas x 16 caracteres
Alimentação elétrica 24 Vcc - 4 fios
Material do gabinete Alumínio fundido SAE 323 (base) e plástico ABS (tampa frontal)
Grau de proteção IP-67
Dimensões 145 x 145 x 70 mm (LAP)
Peso total 1,3 kg
Другие pH
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