• Pilot-operated type;
  • Convertible from 3-way( 3/2) to 5-way(5/2). For 3-way, normally closed type is default option.
  • Adopt Namur mounting standard, directly mounted to actuator, or by tubing.
  • Sliding spool valve with good seal and fast response.
  • Low starting pressure, long lifespan.
  • Manual override.
  • Body material aluminum or SS316L.
Модель No. MC50-XXD
Питание 12/24VDC; 220VAC
Acting type Single coil, Double coil
Power Consumption 220VAC: 5.5VA; 12/24VDC: 3.0W
Insulation class F class
Working medium Clean air (after 40 μm filtration)
Air pressure 0.15~0.8MPa
Port connection G1/4,NPT1/4
Power connection NPT1/2,M20*1.5,G1/2
Ambient Normal temp. -20~70°C
Ambient Low temp. -40~70°C
Ingress protection IP66
Взрывозащита ExdIICT6 ; Ex tD A20 T85°C
Installation 32*24NAMUR or Tubing
Section area / Cv 25mm2/1.4
Корпус Алюминий или SS316L

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