Клапан с пилотным управлением из нержавеющей стали для систем газовых подушек.

  • Диаметры: 1'' (резьба NPT F или фланец ASME 150#) и 2'' (фланец ASME 150#).
  • Диапазон пружин: от 5 до 230 ммка (другие - по согласованию)

The valve CELTIC-N is a new model developed by Gascat Engineering to use in blanketing systems. Blanketing systems is a process of using an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, in storage tanks to maintain a positive pressure and neutral environment above fluid surface.

Tank blanketing systems advantages:

  • Prevents product oxidation avoiding air contamination;
  • Protects the tank from corrosion and reduces the possibility of tank wall collapse during pumping out operations;
  • Decrease drastically the amount of combustible vapor keeping the mixture below the ignition point;
  • Prevents a stored product from vaporizing into the atmosphere.

Tank blanketing systems have several applications in widely industrial blanks such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industries. The CELTIC N is build totally in stainless steel and the diaphragm in FEP result in compatibility with practically all blanketig processes.

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