AST Model SRX-CT-1 Oxygen Sensor is recommended for breathing air equipment such as ventilators, is a galvanic type micro fuel cell specific to oxygen, a drop-in replacement to City Technology MOX-1, Envetec OOM102, AII PSR-11-917-M, KRANZ MK50212. Each AST Model SRX-CT-1 oxygen sensor is tested at 30 inches of water column pressure for any gas leakage. Proprietary electrolyte formulation and anode structure ensures full utilization of Pb anode, thus providing longer life without signal drift thus minimizing periodic calibration requirement. AST brand sensors are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

  • KRANZ MK50212
  • Teledyne R-22MED
  • CITY Technology MOX-1
  • Envetec OOM102
  • AII PSR-11-917-M
Другие медицинские кислородные датчики - Вентиляторы
AST Model SRX-CT-2 Oxygen Sensor, a galvanic type micro fuel cell specific to oxygen, replaces Teledyne R-17MED, City MOX-2, IT Gambert M-15M, AII PSR-11-917-J and Envetec OOM102-1. 3.5mm mono jack...
SRX-CT-3 % Oxygen Sensor is designed for breathing air analysis and replaces City Technology MOX-3, Maxtec Max-3 and AII PSR-11-60-3. Proprietary electolyte formulation and anode structure ensures...
AST Model SRX-CT-4 O2 sensor is designed for respiratory gas analysis and is a drop-in replacement to Teledyne T-7, City Technology MOX-4, AII PSR-11-77 and PSR-11-77CT-4 O2 sensors. This sensor...
AST Model SRX-CT-12 Oxygen Sensor is a galvanic type micro fuel cell specific to oxygen, designed for respiratory gas analysis. This sensor is a drop-in replacement to Envetec OOM202, City Technology...
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