Nexto Xpress XP300, XP315, XP325, XP340

Designed to meet the demands of machines and small processes, Nexto Xpress compact PLC is a complete solution for advanced applications, deploying performance and connectivity with a very cost-effective device.

Created to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, the programmable controllers comes in four models that are different in number of points and communication ports: XP300, XP315, XP325 and XP340. All models have 16 digital inputs, 16 digital transistor outputs, 01 Ethernet port, 01 RS-485 standard Serial, 01 CAN and 01 USB interface. However, the XP315 PLC has also 02 RTD analogue two and three-wire RTD inputs and 5 analog inputs for voltage and current. XP325 has all these features along 04 analog outputs.

The solution also includes the XP340 PLC, a model that has all the features of XP325 and supports WebServer, a tool that allows the creation of supervision and application monitoring screens without the need to use a SCADA software.

Like other members of the Nexto family, the Xpress PLC also uses the CODESYS technology platform with configuration via MasterTool IEC XE, a free programming software with scalability for micro to large projects.


Code Digital inputs Digital outputs V/I analog inputs RTD analog inputs V/I analog outputs Canopen master protocol Webserver
XP300 16 16 - - - Yes No
XP315 16 16 5 2 - Yes No
XP325 16 16 5 2 4 Yes No
XP340 16 16 5 2 4 Yes Yes

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