Hadron Xtorm Series

Designed based on IEC61850 and IEC 61131-3 standards, the Hadron Xtorm Series Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are the new generation of the already known Hadron Series, which has been in the power market for years, with large installed base and a diversity of applications. Focused on power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, the series counts on special functions such as power supply redundancy, CPU redundancy in one backplane and DNP3 and IEC61850 (MMS and GOOSE) protocols.

As a modular structure, Hardon Xtorm features a large variety of input and output modules, which combined with its powerful 32-bit CPU and a high speed deterministic Ethernet based backplane, meet the requirement of various applications. Designed to overcome challenges present on power segment, the product’s features focus on high performance, availability and connectivity, without losses on visibility and quick operation in the field, such as maintenance, commissioning and installation. 

The series count on the graphical and textual programming languages stated on IEC 61131-3 standards. In addition, it features a new configurator for IEC 61850 (MMS and GOOSE) and IEC 60870-5-104 communication, all integrated in the same tool, which is a highlight. This feature turns the communication configuration process into a very fast and efficient operation. 


Type Code Description
CPU HX3040 High-Speed CPU, 6 Ethernet ports, 2 serial channels, memory card interface, I/O expansion and redundancy support
Input Modules HX1100 32 DI 24 Vdc Module w/ Time Stamping
HX1120 32 DI 125 Vdc Module w/ Time Stamping
HX6000 16 AI Voltage/Current Module
HX6020 8 AI Temperature (RTD) Module
Output Modules HX2200 16 DO Relay Module
HX2300 24 Vdc 16 DO Relay Module with CBO (Check Before Operate)
HX2320 125 Vdc 16 DO Relay Module with CBO
Power Supply Modules HX8300 60 W 24 Vdc Redundant Power Supply
HX8320 60 W 125 Vdc Redundant Power Supply
Racks HX9001 9-Slot Backplane Rack
HX9003 18-Slot Backplane Rack
Software HD8500 MasterTool Xtorm Advanced
Accessories HX9102 Rack Connector Cover
HX9401 6-Pin Terminal Block
HX9402 10-Pin Terminal Block
HX9405 4-Pin Terminal Block
NX9202 RJ45-RJ45 (2 m) Cable
NX9205 RJ45-RJ45 (5 m) Cable
NX9210 RJ45-RJ45 (10 m) Cable

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