Digital twin platform

Vidya Platform promotes data contextualization and improves asset integrity management.
It combines Digital Twin with Artificial Intelligence, being an interoperable and fully customizable high-end technology.

Digital Twin: the Path for Contextualized Data

Although Industry 4.0 technologies simplified data collection, managers still struggle with making all this data available, establishing relations between them for generating relevant outputs. That’s where Digital Twins step in, integrating and crossing data from multiple sources, from field sensors to ERPs, finally processing all this data.

Optimize Asset Integrity
Management with AI and Digital Twin

Combine your experience with high-end technology! Vidya Software can be integrated with ERP system and provide real-time data management. In that way, you can centralize all the information of your industrial plant, which can be accessed through our 3D model. Save precious time over your team, and reduce risks by operating an intuitive software, based on cost-efficiency.

Vidya’s Approach on Digital Twins

Digital Twin is a key technology for Vidya Platform. All the processes and data from real objects are directly linked with their virtual representation. Therefore, it delivers a constant flow of data, which is used to predict, simulate and give insights for the manager of the industrial plant.

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