Developed for medium and high turbidity applications in Water Treatment plant (water and sewage) for industrial processes, this process turbidimeter complies with EPA 180 and ISO 7027. It uses the reflectance method and its working range ranges from 0 to 1000 or 0 to 10,000 NTU. It has analogue, digital outputs, switching power supply and IP-67 enclosure with EX optional

Indicação Display alfanumérico de 2 linhas x 16 caracteres
Alimentação elétrica 90 a 240 Vca - 4 fios (50/60 Hz)
Material do gabinete Alumínio fundido SAE 323 (base) e plástico ABS (tampa frontal)
Grau de proteção IP-67
Dimensões da unidade eletrônica 144 x 144 x 80 mm (LAP)
Dimensões do desborbulhador 160 x 590 x 160 mm (LAP)
Peso total 13 kg
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