In-situ turbidity analyzer, transmitter and controller, the TTURB-46 represents the advancement of turbidity reading technology in the most diverse industrial processes. By scattering light in a triple beam, it accurately measures transmittance, nephelometric (light at 90º angle) and reverse (back scattered at 138º angle). Its light source is an infrared LED or visible light installed and protected inside the probe body, made of 316 stainless steel. Trust your reading in an enclosure made of die-cast aluminum (SAE-323) resistant to corrosion and weather caused by weather (IP -67). Quickly configure the instrument via the self-explanatory menu and simplified display and transmit via the 4 to 20 mA output.

Indicação Display alfanumérico de 2 linhas x 16 caracteres
Alimentação elétrica 90 a 240 Vca - 4 fios (50/60 Hz)
Material do gabinete Alumínio fundido SAE 323
Grau de proteção IP-68
Dimensões da unidade eletrônica 140 x 136 x 178 mm (LAP)
Peso total 1,9 kg
Другие turbidity
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