Шаровые краны PHBB

Our floating ball design features a generous corrosion allowance and innovative stem sealing. The products modular design also enables us to manufacture floating ball valves according to project...
Our trunnion design provides excellent sealing characteristics and long life through our generous approach to corrosion allowances and smart sealing design.
Our multiport valves are available in L Port, T Port, Double L Port and other port configurations as required by customer.
Our Jacketed Ball valves are available in options of partial and full jacketing and provide optimum jacket space depending on application and service requirement.
Our Segmented ball valves are cavity free ball valves for difficult services including suspended solids and application including control application.
Our V Notch ball valves are offered for control application with variations in V Notch angle from 15 to 90 Degree with fairly good control characteristics.
Our unique design of two piece cavity filler with independent seats offers excellent performance and long life especially when the valves are automated.
PHBB flush bottom ball valves are manufactured in variety of design & construction as per customer requirements including cavity filler, metal seats etc.
All constructional variations are available based on customer requirements.
Our Top Entry ball valves are designed to facilitate easy and effective online maintainance. Available in Floating as well as Trunnion design.
Can be offered based on customer requirements and specifications for piping and pipeline application in Oil and Gas industry.
Our metal seated valves are built as per customer application and service conditions with different type of seat designs and sealing mechanisms for difficult & severe service application.
Our Double Offset High Performance Butterfly valves are available in modular design with soft seat, metal seat and fire safe seat meeting all international manufacturing standards.
Our “TRISET” triple offset butterfly valves are rugged in construction & suitable for variety of critical applications.
Our centric design butterfly are available in bonded & replaceable liner construction with Wafer, lugged and double flanged ends.
PHBB offers wide range of automated valve solutions with electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic actuators, Limit switch box, Solenoid valve, Air Filter regulator, Air lock relay & variety of...
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