1⁄4 turn gearbox / adapter RS60/120/240

The RS line crown/worm gear gearboxes feature high operational safety and high reliability. Their main advantage lies in the ability to perform large gear ratios on reverse axles, in a compact manner. Thanks to their construction shape, they are also capable of preventing transmission in the reverse direction, ensuring the desired operation and preserving their own integrity, as well as that of the other components to which they are coupled. Additionally, they feature a pair of stops that allow manual adjustment of the valve limit switches in a simple and efficient way, aided by a position indicator. The solutions of the RS line of the crown/worm type are used in butterfly valves, ball valves, damper valves, and other similar mechanisms featuring a ¼-turn operation. Their design is improved for operation with Coester actuators or, alternatively, using a handwheel.

  • Maximum Torque: 500 / 1,000 Nm
  • Flange: ISO 5211 – F10 / F12
  • Maximum Shaft Diameter: 38.1 / 54 mm
  • Housing: Nodular cast iron housing
  • Lubrication: Permanent in grease bath, allowing operation in any position. 
Другие gearboxes Coester
Composed of a transmission system: traveling nut (scotch yoke) and optional gearbox module (G,) composed of epicyclic gears, with adjustable mechanical stops at the 0° and 90° strokes.
Composed of a mechanical transmission system of parallel gears.
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